Our history




Creation of Pichon Frères, a company making ribbons and trimmings in St Etienne. Its flagship product was the wide flannel bands that workers wrapped around their waists to keep warm.

1935 – 1970


Invention of the first tubular belt: The Dr Gibaud belt. The story goes that Maurice Pichon and Docteur Gibaud came up with the idea of the Gibaud belt while out fishing together. The flannel was replaced with wool and the band sewn into a tube form.

The "Reins au Chaud du Dr Gibaud" ("Keep your midriff warm with Dr. Gibaud") slogan was used to promote the belt on billboards in the metro, on the side of delivery trucks and even on television, the aim being to innovate with communication and distribution methods.

Finally came the creation of the woollen underwear version, under the Mérilaine brand..



From belts to entire ranges of orthopaedic products: creation of the Gibortho® brand for specialised rheumatology and traumatology products dispensed on medical prescription



Launch of Venactif®: Gibaud's medical compression range produced in our Trévoux factory.

Innovation: Gibaud was the first manufacturer to design compression stockings with patterns.



Diversification of business segments, with the creation of Gibaud Pharma, which markets two forms of ibuprofen, including a spray-on solution.



From Mérilaine to Technical Wear. Developed on the basis of a "smart textile" containing silver threads, this T-shirt adapts to the thermal requirements of the body.



Manufacture of the 1st orthopaedic belt made of denim. Gibaud launched Lombogib® Workwear and Lombogib® Jeanswear.

The same year, Gibaud became part of the Össur group. A global leader in prosthetics, Össur is renowned for its dynamism and creative vitality, be it in Research and Development, Production or Distribution. Following this integration, Gibaud embraced the Össur vision of "Life without limitations".

2008 - 2009


Enhanced comfort of knee braces with a 3D knit base for the Genugib® range. Expansion of the Lombogib® range with 2 Lombogib® Underwear belts styled to ressemble underwear. Development of the O.M.A. (Optimum Morphological Adaptability) concept for the Venactif® range, available in the form of Venactif® Lumière for women and Venactif® Optimum for men.



Manugib®: Innovation on the wrist and wrist-thumb brace segment. Gibaud is the only orthopaedic brand to propose a range dedicated to rheumatology, proposing products from patients with tendonitis and "De Quervain's" tenosynovitis.



Launch of Manugib® Carpal Tunnel dedicated to carpal tunnel syndrome.



Launch of Genugib® Balnéo, a hinged knee brace with range of motion control that can be used for physiotherapy/rehabilitation and activities in water.
























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