A multidisciplinary team made up of orthopaedic specialists, engineers and technicians ensures a comprehensive approach to the various problems involved in a project in order to propose the very best solutions.


The main services offered by the department are :

Phlebology R&D (Trévoux site): textile prototyping, dyeing, manufacture, testing laboratory and measurements

Orthopaedics R&D (Saint-Etienne site): textile prototyping, modelling, testing laboratory and measurements. Each year, new investments allow us to acquire new technologies (weaving, 3D knitting, injection/molding, manufacture, materials, etc.) and new skills to drive the emergence of ever more innovative concepts.


Our development strategy always adopts the same principle: we take the disease or condition as our starting point in order to better define the needs of patients and health professionals and at the same time encourage treatment compliance, i.e. correct use of the device throughout treatment.


We constantly innovate, our aim being to optimise the medical service provided by our orthotics and compression products so that we can provide you with ever better support for the treatment of orthopaedic conditions. Since 2006, Gibaud has been part of the Össur group, a global leader in the orthopaedics market and the excellence of the group is built on its solid medical and technical expertise.


Össur's founding principles also drive GIBAUD: focused, cutting-edge R&D (Research and Development) that is at the forefront of the industry, innovative products for each type of injury or condition, developed in collaboration with health care professionals, high-quality products and reliable service. The success of disabled athletes (Paralympics) shows how this innovative spirit is at the cutting-edge.


We share Össur's desire to provide patients with a LIFE WITHOUT LIMITATIONS.


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