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Orfit industries has built up unique expertise, underpinned by over 20 years of innovation in the thermoplastics sector. Its mission is to provide patients with the best conditions to restore their mobility.




The Research and Development team at Orfit Industries is dedicated to the development of new products, the improvement of existing ones and the quest to find new applications. This department works closely with the most advanced rehabilitation centres worldwide to test and validate its products. Orfit Industries is supported by extremely modern production facilities. Each step in the production process is subject to rigorous quality control, to ensure the satisfaction of both patients and health professionals.


An environmentally-friendly approach and a vision for the future


All our thermoplastic materials are tested in accordance with strict biocompatibility standards. They are latex-free, recyclable and biodegradable. The manufacturing process complies with the very strictest environmental standards.


Quality standards and excellence


Orfit Industries is committed to supplying products of excellent quality. This commitment is sustained every day through the compliance of the company and its products with the strictest standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, CE and FDA standards.


The Orfit range includes…


...In sheet form, for static and dynamic orthotics in the fields of rheumatology, traumatology, central and peripheral neurology: Orfit® Soft, Orfit® Eco, Orfit® Flex, Orfit® Colors, Orfilight®, Aquafit®, in tape-form and pre-cut for rheumatology and minor traumatology: Orficast®. We also propose accessories and equipment selected specifically for your activity.


Did you know ?


In France, your accreditation relative to the supply of orthotics (Title 2, chapter 1) provides for cover of the costs of braces for the upper and lower limbs (and also for standard immobilising back braces), made-to-measure in thermoplastic materials.

Gibaud helps you develop your image as an orthopaedic specialist:

  • a solution to optimise compliance with treatment
  • your made-to-measure activity promoted
  • provision of a high-quality range and all the latest news.
  • regular proposal of innovative products.
  • sharing of technical and regulatory expertise.


Our advice


Application of thermoplastic orthotics requires technical know-how: Gibaud recommends accredited training sessions, the cost of which can be covered by various professional training bodies in France.

If you would like to know more about these training sessions, contact us on +33 (0)4 77 91 30 25



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