Sunshine Act


To Whom To Whom It May Concern,


The so-called “Bertrand” law, or “Sunshine Act,” concerning transparency with regard to financial connections with healthcare operators (transparence des liens d’intérêts, no. 2011-2012 of December 29, 2011 on increasing drug and healthcare-product safety) and its application decree (no. 2013-414 of May 21, 2013) requires publication of:


  • the existence of agreements entered into between Gibaud SAS and healthcare operators; and
  • any in-kind or cash gifts worth ten euros or more that Gibaud SAS gives to such operators.


Until a single public website has been created, such information shall be published on Gibaud SAS’s website, as well as on the website of the professional orders concerned. Pursuant to the French data processing law (Informatique et Libertés) of January 6, 1978 (as modified) and Article R.1453-7 of the French Public Health Code, Gibaud SAS is responsible for processing data and ensuring that the data are processed faithfully and lawfully.


Pursuant to such legislation, healthcare operators may not object to publication of such information. However, each professional concerned by the so-called Bertrand law of December 29, 2011 has a right to access such information, as well as a right to correct such information in the event it is erroneous or incomplete.


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You may exercise this right by proving your identity and contacting Gibaud SAS by email at or by letter to Gibaud SAS - Transparence des liens d’intérêts - 73 rue de la Tour - BP78 42002 Saint-Etienne - Cedex 1 - FRANCE.


The various charts for declaring gifts are provided below: 

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