Manugib® Tendonitis

The Manugib® Tendonitis hand and wrist brace is suitable for people suffering from inflammation of the wrist (e.g. repetitive movements).


Manugib® Tendonitis is recommended for:

- Tendonitis

- Tenosynovitis

- Flexors

- Wrist extensors

- Cubital styloiditis

- Wrist arthritis

- Inflammatory disease: rheumatoid arthritis

- After-effects of trauma and nerve injury: pain, instability, etc.


  technical advantages  



comfortable padding and

adjustable single flap


3D fabric


- Relative immobilisation in a functional position.

- Padding over the palmar arch.

- Adjustable single flap makes it easy to put on. 

- Ventilated, light, breathable 3D fabric, well-suited to extended wear.


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