Genugib® Open

The Genugib® Open hinged knee brace is suitable for people experiencing pain following knee injury and who want to be able to put the brace on quickly, for wear during physiotherapy and day-to-day and/or sports activities.


Genugib® Open is recommended in the following cases:

- Sprain (severe or moderate).

- Injury (during physiotherapy and rehabilitation, after-effects of injury)

- Chronic laxity

- Medical condition (painful, unstable knee)


  techniCAL Advantages  

opens fully from the front

and patellar opening


hinge mechanism

anatomical shape with

adjustment of tightness


- Opens fully from the front, which makes it easier to put on and adjust.

- Can be worn over or under trousers.

- Patellar opening with hemispherical rings.

- Multi-centre hinge mechanism to limit anterior-posterior drawer.

- Rigid side struts to ensure lateral stabilisation (removable for competitive sports).

- Anatomical shape with adjustment of tightness: 4 opposing straps above and below the knee.

- No tourniquet effect.

- Light, breathable, well-ventilated, comfortable 3D fabric.


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