Genugib® Balnéo

The Genugib® Balneo hinged knee brace is ideal for use in water, particularly during rehabilitation/physiotherapy or sports activities.


Genugib® Balnéo is recommended in the following cases:

- After surgery

- Rehabilitation/physiotherapy in water

- High-risk aquatic activities




hinge mechanism

anatomical shape with

adjustment of tightness

patellar opening



- Rigid side struts made of high-resistance polymer to ensure lateral stabilisation. The brace is extremely lightweight due to the fabric used.

- Multi-centre hinge mechanism limiting anterior-posterior drawer, with range of motion adjustment to control healing.

- Silicone pad to hold the anterior tibial tuberosity in place, guaranteeing rotary stability.

- 6 opposing straps to ensure a good hold without a tourniquet effect.

- Neoprene fabric for use in water.


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