The Smartsling® standard sling and swathe holds the elbow against the body following injury or surgery.


Smartsling® is recommended for use in the following cases:

- Injury or surgery (requiring the elbow to be immobilised against the body).

- With abduction pillow (requiring immobilisation in abduction: rotator cuff injury).


rotation KIT

Controlled healing.



Provides optimum comfort.


Adjustable strap system

Practical, easy and quick to put on, with minimum bulk.

Orthopédie / Elbowgib / Injury / Immobilisation of elbow against the body / Smartsling®

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Informations :

Non-exhaustive product catalogue and non-contractual offer. This medical device is a regulated health product carrying the CE mark. Any diagnosis must be made by your own doctor. A medical prescription is required to ensure the appropriate product is supplied. Contact your health professional for advice.

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