Cervical Collars

Gibaud neck collars (C1, C2,...) have been designed to treat certain conditions while providing a high level of comfort.


Indications :

Soft C1 collars: Torticollis, acute flare-up of osteoarthritis of the neck

C2 collars with removable rigid insert: Torticollis, cervicobrachial neuralgia, acute neck pain.


Technical advantages

C1 collar: Anatomical shape

C2 collar: Removable rigid insert. The anatomical shape increases the contact area and the immobilisation.



(Opposite : C1 and C2)


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Informations :

Non-exhaustive product catalogue and non-contractual offer. This medical device is a regulated health product carrying the CE mark. Any diagnosis must be made by your own doctor. A medical prescription is required to ensure the appropriate product is supplied. Contact your health professional for advice

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