Lombogib® Reactive

The Lombogib® Reactive lumbar support belt is suitable for people with back pain and during activities such as DIY.


Lombogib® Reactive is recommended for backache, such as:

- Acute low back pain

- Chronic low back pain

- Progressive withdrawal, intermittent wear during resumption of activities, occasional wear during painful activities.


  technical advantages  

V-shaped stays

V-shaped posture correcting strap

and two patented half-back pads

patented finger loop

and easy to put on


- Two patented shape-fitted half-back pads enabling adjustment to an analgesic posture during low back pain episodes.

- V-shaped posture-correcting straps to correct the lumbar and pelvic posture and secure movements.

- Action focused on the painful area (lumbosacral joint).

- Ventilated fabric at thoracic level for easier breathing, for long-term wear.

- Patented ergonomic finger loops making it easy to put the belt on.


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