Lombogib® Dual Action

The Lombogib® Dual Action lumbar support belt is suitable for people with back pain and during activities involving significant strain on the back. The dual tightening system makes it possible to adjust the level of support depending on the degree of pain and/or the activity.

Lombogib® Dual Action is recommended for backache, such as:

- Sciatica

- Acute low back pain

- Chronic low back pain

- Progressive withdrawal, intermittent wear during resumption of activities, occasional wear during painful activities


  technical advantages  

V-shaped stays and

patented quilted back pad

patented finger loop

and easy to put on

dual tightening and

dual strapping system


- Strong support for the lumbosacral joint.

- The back pad reinforces pain relief and comfort over the entire height of the belt.

- Adjustment of tightening depending on the activity and the degree of pain.


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